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[ANN] GraphicConverter 10.6.7 Build 3254 BETA

Post by forum_adm » Mon Nov 12, 2018 1:11 pm

I released a new BETA at:

The new BETA can open JPEGs much faster.
Also, it contains many other enhancements.

Please check and report and issues.


New features
• GraphicConverter now supports the Hardened Runtime on macOS 10.14
• GraphicConverter is now notarized by Apple
• browser context menu: append iptc title to caption
• menu copy date/paste date
• browser context menu misc:Delete PhotoRAWs if no JPEG exists
• browser context menu:select items depending label or rating

Updated features
• localization
• browser: large preview quality improved on retina displays
• browser search panel: added search by rating
• pdf export: added page layout/mode options
• find duplicates: added do not search subfolders option
• position palette: added option to use larger font
• browser prefs: option to disable darkening of subinfo below thumbnails
• prefs browser metadata: option to inject XMP into MP4/MOV
• prefs browser metadata: option to write title, caption and headline into matching MP4/MOV tags
• view menu: items to hide/show ruler and enable/disable display with color profile (in addition to icons at the bottom of the image window)
• pen tool: added third cursor variant as option
• jpegTurbo support
• libraries (Adobe XMP SDK, ziplib)
• added third slideshow metadata display option

Bug fixes
• fixed HEIC import issue on 10.9 to 10.12
• fixed a possible issue during resetting the Exif orientation tag of some files
• fixed issue with print catalog with frame
• fixed bug in browser display of eps with alpha channel
• fixed a display glitch with enabled rulers on 10.14.x
• fixed bug during opening JIF files

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[ANN] GraphicConverter 10.6.8 BETA Build 3315

Post by forum_adm » Thu Jan 10, 2019 8:49 am


I released a new BETA:

The new version will be released next week.

So, please report any issues ASAP.



New features
• browser context menu item to copy labels from JPEGs to associated PhotoRAWs
• hqx upscaling of pixel art

Updated features
• localization
• browser context menu: combine options
• sorting of edges and frames
• sorting of stored actions in the browser popup
• prefs browser/thumbnails path display option
• additional crop method after rotation
• Windows icon export uses now PNG compression for 256x256 icon
• Windows icon import with optional template view
• libRAW
• moved setting of default color profile from the edit menu to the prefs part open(color profiles)
• optimized Exif parsing of HEICs and JPEGs in the browser
• added calibrate 1 pixel to the calibrate popup
• option to change predefined light and dark browser colors
• improved structure of effect menu
• improved set Exif date dialog

Bug fixes
• display glitch of comment area of the information palette in dark mode
• display glitch of the edit field of the edit faces dialog in dark mode
• possible wrong rotated RAF previews in the browser
• fixed bug during import of packbits compressed TIFFs with more than 2GB file size
• fixed issue with setting file creation/modification date to exif date on Synology NAS drives

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