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[ANN] GraphicConverter 10.7 Build 3407

Posted: Tue Apr 02, 2019 9:09 am
by forum_adm
GraphicConverter 10.7 was released today.
You can download it at: ... /download/

The Mac App Store version will be available after the Apple review process.

New features
• browser context menu: append path to iptc caption
• offset gps date/time stamp command
• dehaze batch action
• clear of keyword palette
• import of exported LR keywords into keyword palette
• sort by rating & aspect ratio and resolution & pixelsize added
• sort folders separate
• new service: convert to JPEG at 75 or 85 percent
• sliders in dialogs moveable by scrollwheel
• image context menu entry for animation: save frames as separate GIFs/PNGs
• browser context menu: copy exif date to other metadata dates
• browser preferences: ignore folders list
• preferences: browser/cloud drives - option to change paths to mirrored cloud drives

Updated features
• display of autofocus point of some FUJI cameras
• open with application will be called with all selected files at once (macOS 10.10 or later)
• option to disable slideshow effects on 10.13.x or earlier
• option to disable display of zoom during slideshow zoom
• find duplicate resolves aliases and symlinks
• improved ratio display in browser
• localizations
• Cocooner: export option: set file date to exif date
• ftp upload modernized
• improved Spotlight search of RAWs with sidecar file
• Exiftool
• DynaPDF

Bug fixes
• fixed possible messages during rename preview
• fixed possible crash during rotation of 32 bit grayscale image
• fixed possible zoom issue during the slideshow
• fixed possible crash upon sort by Exif date on 10.9
• fixed possible quality settings issue during saving as HEIC
• fixed bug during storing label inside XMP data
• fixed toolbox/information window status issue

[ANN] GraphicConverter 10.7

Posted: Sat Apr 13, 2019 9:23 am
by forum_adm
The version 10.7 is now available in the Mac App Store, too.
Apple finished the review after 11 days (April 2 until April 13).


[ANN] GraphicConverter 10.7.1 Build 3460

Posted: Wed May 29, 2019 10:15 am
by forum_adm
I released the new version today. ... /download/

The new Mac App Store version is available, too.


[ANN] GraphicConverter 11

Posted: Mon Jun 03, 2019 4:20 pm
by forum_adm

GraphicConverter 11 was released today.

Please click onto the following link for a summary of the new features: ... _2019.html

Best wishes

[ANN] GraphicConverter 11.0.1 Build 4059

Posted: Fri Aug 09, 2019 9:19 am
by forum_adm
The new version was released today.

You can download it at: ... /download/

The Mac App Store version is already updated, too.


[ANN] GraphicConverter 11.1 Build 4132

Posted: Tue Oct 08, 2019 3:31 pm
by forum_adm

I released the new version today.

You can download at: ... /download/

The Mac App Store version will be available after the Apple processing.


[ANN] GraphicConverter 11.1.1 Build 4163

Posted: Tue Nov 05, 2019 3:06 pm
by forum_adm

I released the new version today.

You can download it at: ... /download/

The Mac App Store version is updated, too.


[ANN] GraphicConverter 11.1.2 Build 4216

Posted: Fri Dec 20, 2019 10:37 am
by forum_adm

I released the new version today.

The Mac App Store version was already updated, too.


[ANN] GraphicConverter 11.1.3 (Build 4293) released

Posted: Fri Mar 06, 2020 9:02 am
by forum_adm
GraphicConverter 11.1.3 was released today.

The updated Mac App Store version is available, too.

New features
• convert & modify: function rasterize PDF
• preferences convert/export IPTC
• preferences open/dds
• native 64 bit PCD import without usage of a helper application
• copy video dates to matching videos in destination folder
• batch action: add/remove margin with percentage
• browser: export of summary as CSV
• menu edit / copy / copy GPS as plus code
• menu file / new / items to create a new image from Exif preview, FLIR data and depth data (if that data exists)

Updated features
• prefs open/metadata: sorting of keywords, persons, categories can be enabled/disabled
• browser drop area context menu: show in browser
• enhanced xpm import and export (support of more colors)
• prefs browser/library: option for choosing original or modified images in the media library
• save as options tiff: option for disabling multipage support
• icon set export supports new iOS sizes
• updated localizations
• map display remembers display kind
• improved Exif export
• reverse geocoding sets the xmp location to the complete result
• Equalizer dialog supports storage of settings
• notification dialog before saving password protected PDFs
• support for move folders in drop area
• browser: gps support for pdf documents
• find duplicates: added delete both button
• ExifTool, libDynaPDF
• added plus code support to summary tab in the browser
• resample pdf convert and modify function
• tiff import supports float16 encoding
• slideshow: shorten filename option
• convert & modify:concat supports selected of color mode

Bug fixes
• fixed possible error during saving JPEG2000 files with color profile
• fixed possible text preview issue
• fixed issue during import of old QuickTake images
• fixed possible loss of GPS data upon inverse geocoding in RAWs
• fixed crash upon saving file with long filesnames as FITs
• fixed possible file filter issue
• fixed possible cell focus issue in edit complete exif dialog
• fixed possible download bug from iPhone on 10.15.2 or later
• fixed possible color change upon saving CMYK
• fixed layer palette display glitch in dark mode
• fixed possible parameter issue with some CoreImage filters
• fixed possible date issues in the browser for file dates before 1970 (if the file system supports such dates)
• fixed issue during import of tiled BigTIFF > 4GB

[ANN] GraphicConverter 11.2 (Build 4374) released

Posted: Sun May 03, 2020 7:31 am
by forum_adm
The new version 11.2 was released today.

You can download it at: ... /download/

The Mac App Store version will be available later today.


New features
* Face menu: bulging eyes
* Filter External Services
* Apple II Single/Double HiRes import
* Browse Nextcloud, Synology Drive and pCloud
* Faces menu: rebuild database
* Faces menu: add faces from already tagged images (i.e. images from Picasa)
* XMP/IPTC menu: copy part of filename to title
* Preferences General Window Content: option to increase custom pattern display size
* Edit menu: Crop with last values
* Edit menu: Crop all open images with last crop values (appears only with pressed shift key)
* File menu: New: New image from clipboard with name
* Filter menu: Dehaze with Color
* Effects menu: Live Unskew
* Toolbox: cross hair tool can draw regular polygons in addition
* Batch actions: reduce number of colors

Updated features
* Slideshow with Find: additional filter orientation
* improved File menu
* improved Browser context menu
* modernized saving (removed a lot of old file manager calls)
* log processed file option for batch conversion
* progress during resample and rasterize PDF
* PICT import tries to import JPEG datastream directly
* improved browser context menu item order
* improved File menu item order
* browser context menu in thumbnail area: show submenu supports storing of settings
* picture/curves: added reset all button
* improved missing profil action
* ExifTool, dynaPDF
* slideshow option-o opens image defined Open With app
* Image window: scale toolbar icon
* Edit menu optimized
* improved speed of slideshow file list reading for large slideshows
* added progress dialog to slideshow file reading for large lists
* added histogram to raw developer
* added note before opening PICTs on macOS 10.15.4 or later
* browser: map can display image previews
* save bmp: automatic reduction of colors if 256 or less colors are used
* Pixmap information: displays mean value
* Batch action if: added mean condition

Bug fixes
* fixed error -516 during overwriting an exiting file by drag and drop in the browser
* fixed possible rounding error in make square batch
* fixed missing change flag during editing iptc data of open image
* fixed possible crash during extraction of image objects in convert&modify
* fixed possible issue with JPEG compressed DICOM import
* fixed possible crash upon import of PCDs on macOS 10.13 or older