[Added] Pixel Art Scaling Algorithms

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[Added] Pixel Art Scaling Algorithms

Post by peterburk » Sat Sep 22, 2018 12:26 am

I've been a long-time user of GraphicConverter, with a paid version of 3.6.1 on a CD!

I just went through my old computer collection, copying many old software & MacFormat CDs, SCSI & JAZ disks, HD & DD & 5.25" floppies all onto my Retina MacBook Pro. That included a collection of 133,000 icons that I made using Icon Archiver 4.0. I exported those as folders, then converted them to icns and then to png. Please email me (peterburk@gmail.com) if you're interested in the collection! I also realised that I should go through all the disk images and search for more icons from the colour Macintosh pre-OS X era (1987-2002). I think they'd work well on mobile devices, which use an icon-driven GUI.

While reading about pixel art on Wikipedia, I saw a link to Pixel art scaling algorithms.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pixel-art ... 2.C3.97SaI

Please could some of these algorithms be included in a new version of GraphicConverter?
I'd really like to scale up these old icons.

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Re: Pixel Art Scaling Algorithms

Post by carsten » Tue Dec 25, 2018 9:05 pm

I have seen some of these algorithms in MAME. There are probably few games where this works well but they would be awesome for upscaling icons!

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Re: Pixel Art Scaling Algorithms

Post by forum_adm » Thu Dec 27, 2018 7:12 am

Please download the latest BETA:

I added hq2x, hq3x, hq4x:
Screen Shot 2018-12-27 at 07.10.50.jpg
Screen Shot 2018-12-27 at 07.10.50.jpg (211.2 KiB) Viewed 334 times

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