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text tool in an image

Posted: Mon Jan 21, 2019 10:57 pm
by Fuga
I want to have text over a background. I click the Text tool and get the text field over the image where I can then paste in all the text I want.

My problem is how this works. For example I have a 750 pixel wide image (10.417 inches). I paste my text into the text box. It has no line breaks! The text box is 100+ inches wide. I *can* grab the text box and repeatedly slide it to the left and eventually end up at the right side. I can then grab one of the handles and painstakingly drag it down and to the left until I get the text box to be within the image.

What am I missing? Does GC not create an initial blank one with all four handles visible and so can easily be repositioned/enlarged?

I can klunkily workaround by entering some little bit of text, then getting the handles and manipulate the size, then replace the bit of text with the text I want to use. But that is, as I said, klunky and certainly not "Mac elegant".

Hoping I am blissfully ignorant, simply missing something obvious. I have checked the manual. I tried searching these forums but the search function leaves a lot to be desired.

Thanks for any information.

Re: text tool in an image

Posted: Tue Jan 22, 2019 8:08 am
by forum_adm
I am confused.

Just use the Return key to break the line.

Also, you can resize and reposition it. Should I create a short screencast?

Re: text tool in an image

Posted: Tue Jan 22, 2019 7:57 pm
by Fuga
Thanks. No need to bother with a screencast. My workaround serves my purposes. Essentially the same as hitting Return thus making the box a bit bigger resulting in having the handles. The only other time I have used text on images (remember ClarisWorks?!) when working with its TextTool my first click resulted in a text box with handles. Same thing with PrintShop's text stuff. I expected the same with GC. Otherwise I hoped I was missing some setting/default.

Otherwise I love Graphic Converter. Thanks you for it.