[Closed] Convert Apple Live?

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[Closed] Convert Apple Live?

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By mistake I shot hundreds of images on my iPone using Apple's silly 'live' mode. When discovered, I thought "GC to the rescue!"

But alas, no, or at least I can't see how to convert these images in the way I normally convert huge numbers of NEF files.

I tried searching this forum for 'Apple Live', but again, the Board feels those two words are too common, and won't search on them!

Can someone give me an idea of how GC can accomplish this conversion? I know these files are mini-movies; and I know how, in other software, to select an image from the 'movie'. But given hundred of images I can't do this; any of the images contained will work.



ps: while I usually use GC6, mostly because I am used to it, I also have GC10.
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Re: Convert Apple Live?

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Apple stores the live photos normally as a single image (jpg) and a movie file with the same name (and other extension only).
So, normally just convert only the still images if you want to use them only.

What did you get after the download?