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External Editor

Post by dwfaust »

I have set Photoshop Elements as the external editor (via preferences), but I cannot get Graphic Converter to open files (.psd, .jpg or .png) to open in Photoshop Elements...

The manual talks about Edit > Edit With... but I don't see those options... all I see is OPEN WITH which fails to work.

Can anyone help me make this work?
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Re: External Editor

Post by macvf »

Please open the GC prefs > Browser > Misc and in the Open block look for "Open With" Application. In the associated local menu select Choose, then simply select the application you want to use in your Application folder. You will be then able to open the selected file in the GC Browser using Open with that you will then find at the top of the Browser Contextual menu. This action will place the selected App at the top of the list of your available external editors when selecting "Open with".

If you have other favorite editors simply select GC prefs > General > External Editors then add as much App you want in the list by pressing the + button. All the selected App will then appear in the list associated to the Open with that could be found at the top of the Browser Contextual menu.

Note that you can add a button "Open with" by customizing the browser toolbar. (Select the menu View > Customize toolbar and add the button to the toolbar with a drag&drop action)

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