[Solved] "don't have sufficient privileges" when saving files

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Re: "don't have sufficient privileges" when saving files

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Problem solved, and it was "my fault"—rather it was caused by the Bitdefender antivirus software running on my MacBook. I had previously disabled it, to see if that was the issue, and it seemed to make no difference. But when I was poking around the Bitdefender notifications area I found the following:
Feature: Anti-Ransomeware

An app you previously chose to block attempted to access your protected files again.
App: /Applications/GraphicConverter 11.app
We blocked the app to prevent it from altering the content of your protected files
Of course I never knowingly chose to block GC. I did some more testing, and found that for some reason Bitdefender automatically blocks GC when I launch it for the first time. If I go into the Application Accesses area (of Bitdefender) it says "Blocked" in red w/ GC. But I can change it to "Allowed" and viola (Bratsche) it works.

Thorsten: I am SO sorry to send you (and me) on a wild goose chase.