Selecting all of one color

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Selecting all of one color

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I know I can shift-click the magic pen to select areas of the same or near same color.
What I want to do is select all the black text on a white background so I can change it to a color.
I know the transparent tool can select all of one color with tolerances. But I can't change the color by a selection and then painting over or deleting with a color.
I have been able to change the text using transparent on the background and manipulating the Hue/Contrast controls on the black. Then I made a block of color, selected that with the transparent tool, which turned the background black, and then deleted the transparent block and colored over it with black. So I had red lettering on a black background. Now, how do I make the background, including the inner parts of letters, white? I am back to where I began. I want to select all the background and delete or fill to white... whew!
I can't paint the black background using white and "Lighten" on tool parameters...
Is there a way? I have not tried to manipulate layers yet. I could invert, but lose the red that way...
Thanks for any help.
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Re: Selecting all of one color

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Did you try find and replace colors from the edit menu?
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