[Solved] Pre-drawn symbols

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[Solved] Pre-drawn symbols

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I'm testing out CADintosh; long time GrapicConverter user!

I have become interested in hobby metalworking and have a small metal lathe. I want to be able to draw out parts with dimensions before I start cutting metal. I'm self-taught and have rudimentary experience with CAD. I used to use a program called MacDraft back in OS9 days for the woodworking I was then doing.

I've downloaded some pdf plans from another site (Harold Hall's excellent metalworking web site) and it strikes me that a big difference is that he appears to use pre-drawn, high-quality blocks ("symbols" in CADintosh?) such as the top and side views of hex and socket-head cap screws. For example, the threaded portion of the hole, hidden in the part, is shown with double dashed lines to indicate the threading. A simple through-hole is just shown with single dashed lines. The side view of a bolt is actually a moderately complex drawing all by itself...at least for me. I don't want to spend a bunch of time doing what countless others must have already done!

For CADintosh, what is a good source for such pre-drawn elements? I work in both metric and imperial measurements (mostly imperial) so a range of sizes of different fasteners would be ideal. Or do I just need to plug through and make my own libraries?


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Re: Pre-drawn symbols

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For CADintosh, what is a good source for such pre-drawn elements?

Probably nothing, as there has not been a reply since Feb.
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Re: Pre-drawn symbols

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you can download some sample libraries here:
https://www.lemkesoft.de/en/products/ca ... libraries/

Also, you can open i.e. dxf files with embedded symbols and create new libraries from them.

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Re: Pre-drawn symbols

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Are you using these libraries yourself as well, Thorsten?
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