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[ANN] CADintosh 8.7 (Build 600) released

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CADintosh 8.7 was released today.

New features:
• menu layer: update filter with current
• menu layer: rename filter
• File: Save Copy as

Updated features:
• imperial scales in popup
• edit color tool
• sample drawings and pages updated
• added filter option for symbol list
• localizations
• only used custom pattern are embedded into the drawing to get smaller files
• edit elements: new create copy button
• edit elements: xline: paste of coordinates from clipboard
• optimized refresh of large symbol lists
• added symbol list size slider
• Quick Layer and Layer Attributes show layer with content
• Save as CSV in addition to XLSX
• Preferences: Color and size of automatic detection indicator adjustable
• DXF: improved HATCH support
• Split tool marks the split point
• update check for manuals with option to load updated manuals

Bug fixes:
• display issue with drawing data fixed
• possible line style issue fixed
• possible hatching issue fixed
• possible crash upon export as DXF/DWG with incorrect layer values fixed
• fixed focus issue after click into symbol list
• fixed return key issue during function insert symbol
• fixed undo issues after changing only the width or color
• fixed a bug in the revert command