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[ANN] GraphicConverter 12.1 Build 6408 BETA

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I released a new BETA at:

The final version will be released soon.

New features
• Filter: Watermark
• Browser Actions: Watermark
• Preferences: General: Movie and Animation: autoplay option
• Effects: Animation: Add frames from other Animation at the right or bottom
• View: Zoom: Fit Window to Image
• View: Zoom: Fit Image to Window
• Display of HDR images in the image editor (requires Sonoma or newer and a screen with HDR support)
• Open: Import of JPEGs and HEICs with Apple gainmap directly as HDR (optional)
• Preferences: General: Open: Format: HDR: option for choosing import kind for JPEGs and HEICs with Apple gainmap
• Exif: Set Exif Date to: Exif Creation date (9004)
• Exif: Set Exif Date to: Exif Original date (9003)
• Batch Action: Paint
• Batch Action: Juggler
• Browser Exif: Camera Model: Edit
• Edit: Select Files: mirrored menu from the browser context menu
• Edit: Select Files: Series… / Series
• View: Sync: Always zoom/position all windows
• Preferences: General: Menu: Abbreviate GraphicConverter 12 with GC
• Preferences: Save: General: show always format options
• Preferences: Browser: Display 1: display of zeros for file and folder count can be disabled
• Menu: File: New: New Image from Image with seamless Tiles
• Menu: View: Show/Hide Footer of image window

Updated features
• webP alpha support improved
• improved PDF display in the browser
• Exif: Orientation Tag: Rotate upon Exif support PNG in addition
• Exif: Orientation Tag: Set Value improved
• FPX import improved
• thumbnail database improved
• Batch Action: Insert Text: angle
• Preferences Browser: options for thumbnail creation restructured and simplified
• Collage: adding image to freestyle layout will always add the image with frame fitted to image
• Tools: Magic Pen: Shift-Option-Click removes the part from the selection
• localizations
• Faces: Anonymize License Plates: detection improved
• saving of images from Photos after editing in source file format including HDR (requires Sonoma - older systems allow only JPEG)
• Position palette: color display upon pressing option key improved
• Faces menu: Anonymize eyes area improved
• Batch action: Anonymize eyes area improved
• PICT import improved (direct support for import of 1, 8, 15 and 16 bit images because of missing support in Sonoma) - please add the .pict extension to the files for better detection
• Preferences General: Edit: option to enable/disable usage of comma in addition to semicolon for separation of lists
• Browser: display of spatial text for spatial movies
• Edit: Find Duplicates: more choices for automatic deletion
• PDB import: added support for old larger 4 bit grayscale files
• Preferences: Browser: Upon launch: option for restoring all browser windows
• Convert & Modify: Concatenate improved
• Menu: View: Show/Hide Dimensions (in addition to Prefs: General: )
• Menu: Edit: Navigation: Next/Previous Image in Folder shows in brackets used sort order
• Tool: Crosshair: added more line variants
• Batch Action: Smart cut vertical/horizontal - added relative option
• Collage: improved button labels
• Collage: improved drag and drop of multiple images
• Smart Insert and Smart Cut: option keep selection

Bug fixes
• fixed scrolling issue of very large images under Sonoma
• fixed possible display issue in the browser with very large folders
• fixed possible memory leak in collage creation
• fixed possible issue during import of TIFFs with float data
• fixed color profile export issue with float data
• fixed possible crash in pixmap information
• fixed possible issue during text editing
• fixed possible vector elements preview issue due wrong color profile
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