[Open] EXIF data in grid for multiple files

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[Open] EXIF data in grid for multiple files

Post by dcbarry »

Is there a view (catalog style) where I can see a grid view folder (or multiple folders) of multiple images data and sort based on specific EXIF and/or other meta data? I though this existed once upon a time, but. just getting back into things and not seeing it in the latest version.

TO clarify, I do see, If I choose "flat view" that I have a limited selection of displayed EXIF data, and a very limited sort option in the lower right. Is there a more advanced mode or option where all EXIF data can be pushed into a grid?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: EXIF data in grid for multiple files

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There is currently no more advanced mode for the grid view.
Which EXIF tags do you want to see in addition?
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Re: [Open] EXIF data in grid for multiple files

Post by macvf »

Do you mean you would be able to sort the pictures by some user defined EXIF data ?

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