(gcmac) Resizing Imported Images

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(gcmac) Resizing Imported Images

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Hi everyone,It’s good to be a part of this group.  Naturally, I have some GraphicConverter questions and haven’t found this in previous threads.  This one is about resizing an imported image.  I have been using GraphicConverter in creating web comics.  I noticed that the Edit > Enlarge Selected menu command doesn’t seem to do anything (although you get the nice handles), at least in raster/bitmapped graphics, but perhaps this menu command is meant for working in vector/structured graphics.I have been using the Picture > Size > Scale… menu command and guessing the percentages to the size that I want in another layer and copying & pasting it where I want from there.  Is there any better/easier way of doing this that you could recommend?  Thanks in advance.-----------------------Rick Rudge, Portland, Oregon, USA MBP 10.10.5 - 2.2 GHz - GraphicConverter 8.8.2
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Re: (gcmac) Resizing Imported Images

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Hi,please e-mail two sample files. So, I will know what you want to do.Thorsten .