GraphicConverter 10.0.0

This area contains the messages from the old Yahoo gcmac group after the port.
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Re: GraphicConverter 10.0.0

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Try Log Out, then log In - quicker than Restart. No need to avoid a Guest user, I find it irritating and disabled it in System Preferences/Users and Groups long ago. Easy to restore if you do need it. John. > On 22 Jun 2016, at 04:32, G N [gcmac] <> wrote: > > “ … Neither I nor Spotlight have any idea where the file is. …” > > I thought you said it was in the Trash. That is exactly where it is. > > Remove the file from the trash (place it anywhere, but for me placing it on the Desktop works fine) and perform a “Get Info” command (either by right-clicking / Option-clicking and selecting “Get Info” or use the keyboard shortcut Command-I on the highlighted file). > > The path of the file will be displayed. Should be: > / Users / [Your Username] / Desktop > > A restart will ALWAYS work to cut whatever ties that file has to whatever application refuses to release it. > > Changing users might also work: > Change to Guest (if configured) then Change back to [Username] > > Note: If you haven’t enabled the Guest Account, then you should consider either doing so, or creating a second user on the machine; it’s quite useful for troubleshooting and if you ever phone Apple Support there’s about a 50% chance they will ask you to do so. Way easier now than when on the phone to support; in fact they may ask you to hang up, create the account, then phone back, which means many lost minutes waiting for a new support person to answer the second time. >