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Re: New GraphicConverter forum (don't like it)

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On Jan 3, 2017, at 11:30 AM, '' [gcmac] <> wrote: > > I'm not sure what Thorsten investigated when looking for a replacement for Yahoo mail list so I hesitate to make recommendations. Like many I tend to prefer the talk list when the number of posts is limited. However I have been happy with the forum hosted by the Reunion genealogical site and would especially recommend a look at the help files for this forum. I think similar options and an easily followed help file would make the move more palatable. I checked and all other forums I'm currently visiting which identify their use software use vBulletin (VBadvanced etc) and those do give the option of sending daily email digests of any subscribed threads (post contents included, not just subject lines). I'm happy to browse a hobby-based discussion group on a daily or every-few-days basis; like others, I certainly will not do the same for a technical support forum. Anne