Rotate gif animation?

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Rotate gif animation?

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Hello, sorry if this has been answered before, the forum won't let me search for "rotate animation" because the words are too common!

I am trying to figure out how to rotate a gif. I need to rotate it -5.5 degrees. When I do Picture->Rotate->Other value I can do the rotation but it only rotates the current frame of the animation. The gif has 80 frames; I went through the animation palette and checked the check box in the corner of every one, but that didn't affect the rotation, it still only did one frame.

When I use Layer -> Transform, there seems to be some bugs in the program because it gives me the transform window but nothing happens in response to my clicks and drags.

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Rotate gif animation

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Its been a long time that I dont use KT
but maybe you can use more computers but divide the animation frames for them. Each computer does a certain range of frames
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Re: Rotate gif animation?

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This is currently not supported.
I add that to the ToDo list.

Can you maybe forward your animation for testing to