[Solved] DXFtoPDF

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[Solved] DXFtoPDF

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This might seem like a weird suggestion, but I can't think of any place better to put it. In what follows, I refer to version 10.4.2 of the app bundle.

There is an executable named DXFtoPDF and it appears in two places in the application bundle:


The files are exactly the same size, and appear to execute identically (with no arguments) on the command line, although the files are not byte-for-byte identical. If the duplication is not necessary, the application bundle could be made about 15% leaner by eliminating one of them. I do realize this might not be possible; I acknowledge that building an application of this complexity is not trivial. I know something about the way Xcode builds an app bundle, so the explanation can be a bit technical and I will understand.
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Thanks for your note.
That is already fixed for the latest BETA: