[Closed] Beta downloads

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John Hill
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[Closed] Beta downloads

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This may not be the right place to post this but here goes anyway.
When I open a downloaded beta DMG, it has no toolbar and therefore no sidebar. This makes it just that little bit more difficult to drag the app to where I want it.
My other Finder windows open with the sidebar by default. Is this a quirk of DMG creation? Or is it possible to get them to open with a sidebar by an adjustment to their or my settings?
Failing this, could beta DMGs be provided with an alias of the Applications folder in the same way as release ones? At least, we could use that to open a window with a sidebar - though I put betas in the Applications folder anyway.
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Re: Beta downloads

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Thanks for your note.
Just open a second window and drag and drop the BETA to the applications folder.