Sticky selection

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Sticky selection

Post by cstern »

I already suggested this in 2015 (in the Archives now)

I would like to suggest an optional way to select images in the browser: Sticky selection

If you have a lot of images (e.g. a lot of almost-duplicates, which happens a lot with microscopy) you may want to select the "unwanted" ones and put them aside in another folder.

The way the selection works now is that you click on an image (in the browser) and it is selected. If you click another, that is selected instead. If you want multiple selections, that is possible if you hold CTRL while clicking. So far so good.

The problem occurs if you have selected a lot (or few :)) images and accidentally click outside an image. Then all the selected images are unselected and you can start over. Can be annoying if you try to tidy up a folder with thousands of images.

My suggestion:
To have a toggle in the preferences called "Sticky selection" (with default set to "Default selection"). I imagine it should work as follows: If you click several images in the browser they are selected and stay selected until they are clicked again.
A further refinement by selecting the "sticky selection" could be if when in image preview mode (by clicking "space" in the browser) or in edit mode (double click in the browser) and you press "ctrl-space" then the image is selected (or unselected) in the underlying browser, and when you return from the preview window, the files are still selected for further processing, such as moving them to another folder etc.

I hope you will consider this - it would make my (and maybe also other's) life much easier - and my colleagues would not hear me swearing so often :)


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Re: Sticky selection

Post by forum_adm »

I suggest the following workflow:
1) Set the prefs to change the label with the space key (see picture below).
2) Open a browser.
Navigate through the images i.e. with the cursor keys and mark the images by pressing the space key (that will change the label).
Change the sorting to sort by label and name.
Now just select the images and move them where you want.

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Re: Sticky selection

Post by cstern »

Thanks for the workaround. It will work of course, but I still think a sticky selection would be more elegant in the long run :) (and by your workaround quicklook will not work any more (a feature I also use a lot))