Working in an Apple Photos library bundle

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Working in an Apple Photos library bundle

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Long story short - using Apple Photos for family photo 'management' - one thing I noticed is that when I imported some old libraries from Apple Photos/iPhoto into the current one, it dumped them into a folder based on the date I imported them and a poor structure below that. I like to keep my photos in folders of creation date, so I've been using the EXIF data to put them back in the right place and rebuilding the Photos database. I know there are some tools to auto do this (including the exiftools CLI), but I wanted to use GC to do a little curation and tidying up whilst I'm about it.

Right now, I'm having to go into the Apple Photos Library bundle in Finder, then open a photo in the GB Brower and work on that from there. Am I missing a trick in navigating around the Photos library bundle in GC Browser directly?

(I know I should just use GC for all of this, but others in the house want the Apple app...:) )
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