GraphicConverter and the Preview app

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GraphicConverter and the Preview app

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I make use of the integration feature of GraphicConverter and Finder and Photos occasionally. I have my graphic files (.jpg, .png, .gif, .tif) set to open in Preview since most of the time I am only interested in viewing a picture and maybe changing the size and/or cropping the picture. But there are times I am in Preview and wish I had the direct ability to go edit the picture via an integration of GraphicConverter and Preview.

:?: Is it possible to add that integration with Preview?

It's not a huge issue to close the file and reopen it in GraphicConverter but I'm like many computer geeks and am looking for easier (lazier) way of do things. I hope this is possible and if not would you please rewrite Preview (we won't tell Apple :o ) to add the integration? :lol:
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Re: GraphicConverter and the Preview app

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Preview does not support any external editors. So, it is not possible.