convert picture from rectangular to oval

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convert picture from rectangular to oval

Post by johnlove »

I apologize for perhaps asking a routine question ... but how do I convert a picture with rectangular frame to one with a oval frame
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Re: convert picture from rectangular to oval

Post by MikeBravo »

I'll try to answer this :-)
I believe a "conversion" of frames doesn't exist, here.
You can make an oval (well, helliptical) "selection", still inside a rectangular frame.
Outside the selection you'll have a white background, or a transparent one.

Check list:
- Open the picture
- Toolbar: choose selection circle, - - - - - - - double-click and check on Size from Center.
- Draw from center, try moving around. When OK, double-click inside the area. White background appears outside.
- If white bkgd is OK, save as any kind of file.
- If transparent bkgd is required, choose the tool looking like a wand with little gray-white squares, then click inside the bkgd, which will be painted in lil' squares (transparency).
- Now you can Save as... GIF, PNG, TIFF. They support transparency.
The choice depends on the image, GIF for flat colors, PNG also photographs; both are good for Internet. Tiff is for demanding photographers... :-)

Attachment: a photo with transparent background, but still rectangular frame.

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Re: convert picture from rectangular to oval

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just use the command:
Effect/Edges and Frames…
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