Recovery Slider/Control?

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Recovery Slider/Control?

Post by s2art »

Aperture, & Lightroom both have a recovery slider.
I expose to the right all the time.
I then use the recovery slider to gain back any detail I want predominantly in the highlights, finally adjusting exposure and levels to suit my mind's eye.
If there is no equivalent it would be nice. :)
I see and use the highlight and show sliders but I'm not sure if this is the same tool or adjustment?
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Hagen Henke
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Re: Recovery Slider/Control?

Post by Hagen Henke »

The recovery slider in Lightroom is gone. It was replaced with the Highlights slider in 2012 with the CS6 version. The new Highlights feature is fare better. Please try Picture / Equalizer in GraphicConverter. If you use the Highlights slider you may experience even better results.

Recovery Slider/Control

Post by Michaelrarne »

Oh, oops. I thought you could read minds for a minute there. Kvlt o