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This area contains the messages from the old Yahoo cadintoshmac group after the port.
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yahoo groups files

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Just to try out the system, I have put a couple of files in the CADintosh Yahoo! group area. They are (1) a CAD file of a paint spray gun using 35mm film canisters as paint jars and (2) a JPEG of the finished article, fitted to the blow gun that provides the air metering. Pretty trivial drawing, but really only done to check how the Yahoo! system works. I put them in a folder to keep them together, and suggest that anyone else putting up files does likewise. This seems a better way to publish CADintosh files than attaching them to list postings.Hope this may be of some use or interest to others.regardsRowland-- : Wilma & Rowland Carson <>: <> ... that's Rowland with a 'w' ...
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Re: yahoo groups files

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Roland, thnx for the input. I'll look it/them over 2mrw. But now it's after 1700 & time for a cooler, @ least in Winniemucca. 'Cides, it's Fri.So? You've been BZ? HA! Never had that happen to me before in my life. ;^)A client came in w/ a 14 line PO on Tues. Each line for no more than 3 parts. Plus a couple of proto 1-off singles w/ some weird angles and a whole bunch of missing dimensions.I actually used CAD'tosh for a real job redrawing the parts so I could get the info I needed to construct.It's too late for me on Versacad. I just popped for BobCAD/CAM. It came w/ an engraving pgm & w/ a promotion it was less than 1/2 list. Unfortunately, I had to go get a PC. But a Bud has a business of refurb'n them. So I got a P3 loaded w/ XP(?) Pro [w'ever's the latest/greatest], a high speed w'ever, huge hard drive, 4 USB ports, kb & mouse, yadayada.Obviously, if computers were cars, I'd pull into the "Full Service Island".All it cost was 10 pictures of Margaritas over the summer [which I'll help drink :^) ].OK, all ya'll, relax'n time.Ciao, Tkat"Life's Journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting...Holy S**t!! What a Ride!!"