New DXO version of Nik Software plugins with GraphicConverter

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New DXO version of Nik Software plugins with GraphicConverter

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Will the new DXO version of Nik Software Plugins be compatible with Graphic Converter going forward ?

June 14 : Earlier this month DXO software released their " new" version of the excellent NIK Software Bundle they purchased from Google last year. Before now , the Nik bundle was offered free of charge, but is now a licensed retail version. DXO says they will ofer an upgraded Nik bundle later this year with new features.

I currently use the old free Nik software bundle v. 1.2.x with the latest version of GraphicConverter on both my El Capitan Mac-minis. I find the combination of GC 10.x and Nik to be indispensable. I had installed NIK in the GraphicConverter 9 plugins folder by just copying the entire Nik suite of apps there, as Thorston instructed. When I updated from Yosemite to El Capitan , and from GC version 9 to version 10.x , the Nik's travelled along with the updates and did not require reinstalling . Since adopting that workflow, I rarely open my Photoshop CS5 these days. GC + Nik is a wealth of image editting resources.

I believe that installing 3rd party plugins into GraphicConverter is different now .

But there is another issue looming. DXO has done ' something ' to the Nik bundle that makes it difficult to install and use with , say , Affinity Photo 1.6 and other apps. There are a lot of posts at the Serif forum about the new paid licensed DXO version not installing into Affinity Photo. I do use Affinity Photo, and it wasn't easy to get Nik to work with it , but I eventually solved that. But many users are complaining that Nik isn't working for them since being released commercially this month.

So my first question is : How do we currently install any Photoshop-compatible plugins into GraphicConverter 10.x these days ?

Second question : has anyone tried to install DXO-NIK winto GraphicConverter recently ?

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Re: New DXO version of Nik Software plugins with GraphicConverter

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Photoshop plugins work only with the normal version of GraphicConverter (not the Mac App Store one).
You have to install the plugins into:
~/Library/Application Support/GraphicConverter/Plug-ins

But the better approach is a normal app which can be used as Edit with app.
Just go to the prefs part General/External Editors
Add the app.

Now open an image.
Select Edit/Edit with/The app.