script to move images into automated subfolder during Slideshow

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script to move images into automated subfolder during Slideshow

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I used to have a script that I lost during a migration and now I would like to build it back but unfortunately
I am very bad at that.

All my photos are imported from the camera as events into a folder called by the name of the event. In that folder there is a subfolder called BEST in which are moved all the best photos of the event, and in the best folder there is the "converted files" folder used for the web pictures.

Now I need to recreate the script that allows me to move picture while doing a specific shortcut (command+1) into a subfolder called BEST while I run the slideshow.

so the action would look like :
  • create subfolder called BEST into folder selected on GC
    run slideshow of selected folder in GC
    on shortcut (command+1) move image in it
    close slideshow after last image
I know that I can use the "move folder" shortcut already existing in GC but I need to manually move the BEST folder into the event folder every time after I run the slideshow, it would save much time for me... someone here used to make it for me like ten years ago... but I lost it... I tried with automator and all I could do is launch the slideshow :-)

If anyone can guide me here it'll be very nice of you...

thank you in advance for any useful answer

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