Keyword autocomplete, search results

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Keyword autocomplete, search results

Post by matti »

I have few hundred old photos that I try to sort chronologically as well as I can. I save available info to the IPTC Caption and Keywords in addition to GPS coordinates and EXIF dates.

I try to add as many relevant Keywords I can to make searching fast and accurate so I can compare similar photos when sorting them chronologically.

Suggestion 1: I now have a spreadsheet list of all this project's Keywords (and usual Keyword combos separated by semicolons) so I can copy & paste them without typos via GC. But this is very time consuming because one photo may contain twenty Keywords. I noticed that when I start to type into Windows 7's "Get Info" box's (very limited) Keyword field, it seems to automatically offer a list of relevant Keywords to autocomplete.

Could there be an automatically (or manually) generated list of Keywords in the GC browser with an option to autocomplete when typing?

Suggestion 2: I usually want to search only the Keywords but sometimes searching also the Captions is useful (Captions contain nonstructured free text that might give misleading search results). Searching in provides results for Keyword, Description (=Caption) and also for the filename (it shows also the result for "Street" but I'm not sure if it uses geotags for this).

Could also GC show the similar more granular search results?


- Matti
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Re: Keyword autocomplete, search results

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I suggest to use the keyword window in the browser.
So, you can just apply your predefined keywords with simple checkboxes to one or more files.
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You can limit the search with the + options to caption, keywords, name etc. Did you try that?