Feature Request: Scale to file size

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Feature Request: Scale to file size

Post by JamesInSanDiego »

I frequently find that I need to scale a pic so that it meets a maximum file size allowed. Currently that takes a little experimentation by adjusting the size and resolution until it meets the maximum file size allowed. Could an option be added to the Scale... window where I could select the file size I want the picture to be and have GC suggest optimal size and resolution to achieve that file size? Hypothetically speaking let us say I need to upload a graphic file to a Forum but they only allow a 500K maximum file size and my graphic is currently 1.2MB. I would like to enter 500K (0.5MB) maximum file size and click to keep the file proportional and have GC calculate the best scaling. It would be very useful and time saving for the online work I do Moderating some Forums.

Thanks, James
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Re: Feature Request: Scale to file size

Post by forum_adm »

Dear James,

the scale dialog can't offer this. Because the file size (of JPEGs) depends on the compression quality and file content.

Just use directly the special option in the JPEG options dialog inside the save dialog.
Check here the special file size option as marked.

The stored file will match your selection.

Use this ONLY during save as. So, it will NOT overwrite the original.

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