Using exif sync on digitized photos?

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Using exif sync on digitized photos?

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I am very new to this, so forgive me if this is not the appropriate place for this question. I have just begun to explore the uses of the exif sync, and was wondering about this use: As well as digital camera images, I have a lot of older negatives shot on film that were professionally digitized for me. The problem is, the digtal scanning equipment set all the photos to a single current time. I experimented with using exif sync to change the dates on the digitized photos, but it doesn't work. If exif sync can't change those dates, is there another program you offer that can does? I still can use exif sync for my digital camera photos, but I really need some way to speed up the process of correctly dating the several thousand older scanned photos I have. Any info is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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Re: Using exif sync on digitized photos?

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EXIFSync is not designed for this.

Just use the browser inside GraphicConverter.
Assign an Exif date with the context menu.