Convert Affinity Photo to JPEG at 100%

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Convert Affinity Photo to JPEG at 100%

Post by kviro »

Hey Thorsten,

I am using GC 10.6.5. for the Mac and am having difficulty retaining my filesize when I convert from Affinity Photo to JPEG.

Using the Convert & Modify function I select:

Function: Convert
Filter: All
Dest. Format: JPEG
OPTIONS: Quality 100
Always use selected
Baseline (standard)
SubSampling 4:4:4

My original AP file has a 30.8 MB File Length; however, my converted JPEG is only 248KB.

I do not want any compression or loss of the original file size -- what am I doing wrong?


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Re: Convert Affinity Photo to JPEG at 100%

Post by forum_adm »

GraphicConverter can only open the preview JPEG of Affinity Photo files.

Affinity will not release the file format details (following to a tech support request).
So, I can't import the native image data.
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Re: Convert Affinity Photo to JPEG at 100%

Post by mbrakes »

I noticed something similalr when attempting to run a batch on some .PSD files which had been through Affinity photo - for some strange reason they showed up in GC with a very reduced resolution than what Adobe Bridge and Photoshop reported. Had to resave the files as TIFFs to retain the full image resolution in GC. Seemed very weird, but now I understand why, at least :|