Text Fill and Stroke Color erratic behavior

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Text Fill and Stroke Color erratic behavior

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I am continually frustrated when trying to select colors for Text Fill and Text Stroke , a feature I use daily.

I cannot figure out the keystrokes to enter text and format it for font, size, bold , leading ? kerning etc....then select a Fill color, a Stroke color, and have the colors stay put. As soon as I go to another tool ( such as moving the text block ), or Flatten the text as is required , everything changes. The Stroke size is different , and worse the colors change or revert back to whatever they were before. I simply cannot get my choice of Text fill and stroke to stay woith what I choose.

How do you make Text colors behave with Fill and Stroke ? What is the magic sequence of keystrokes ? It should be straightforward , but I'm flunking out here.

Very frustrating !

El Capitan 10.11.6 , GC 10.6.8 ( latest , but has been an issue for quite some time )