Mosaic-ing / merging images into panorama

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Mosaic-ing / merging images into panorama

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Would be useful to be able to mosaic several images into a single image. This requires overlap detection (i.e., finding a correlation peak, first as function of X,Y shift and then a function of small rotations) to align adjoining images which have some (required) overlap. Both dimensions should be supported. This is often used to create panoramas by taking a series photos which rotate the field of view. Also used to scan images which are larger than the scanner bed. Typically the major shift is in X,Y, but there often are also small rotational changes due to imperfect artwork alignment or the use of a hand-held camera...
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Re: Mosaic-ing / merging images into panorama

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This is a very complex operation.
I suggest to use one of the available stitching apps.