Adding EXIF to ancient images without them (JFIF)

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Adding EXIF to ancient images without them (JFIF)

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I have thousands of photos taken with my original 1996 Epson PhotoPC camera. They used JFIF for the internal datecode which, thanks to Lemkesoft, GraphicCovnerter was updated to read. Some of my research from past days:

I had previously tried to embed EXIF data in these files, but it wouldn’t work. I assume (?) it is because the file does not have any place to embed.

Is it possible to add EXIF to JPGs that never had an EXIF header inside of them?
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Re: Adding EXIF to ancient images without them (JFIF)

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the JFIF tag contains normally only the resolution and a thumbnail.

Please e-mail two sample files zipped to for testing.

GraphicConverter can add i.e an Exif record to a JPEG.

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Re: Adding EXIF to ancient images without them (JFIF)

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I am having the same issue. Old photos from a late 1990s Olympus camera where the JPGs didn't really have much for EXIF data. I normally use the "Edit complete Exif..." command to pull up the full metadata to add things. I noticed on these old photos if I edit the
(group -> tag name -> property description fields) of Camera -> Make -> Make and Camera -> Model > Camera Model Name and fill in my old camera info (Olympus D-220L) then hit OK it act like it is updating/saving the info but nothing gets added.

However if I use the Edit or Add Exif Data... menu item then it works fine. The drawback is that menu only has some fields so if I want to update other ones I still have to go to the Edit complete Exif... command so it becomes a two step process rather than just being able to do it all under that last menu item.