[Solved] Hatching or other fills

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[Solved] Hatching or other fills

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I can't seem to figure out how to control hatching or other fills properly. Say I'm drawing a simple rod that is threaded on either end and has an unthreaded section in the middle. I drew the outline of the threaded rod with a polyline and then added lines to delineate the threaded and unthreaded portions. However, when I applied hatching, it went across the whole initial polyline. I tried to split the polyline but don't think I did that successfully.

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Re: Hatching or other fills

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Hi Craig,

hatching/fill is currently designed for elements surrounded by arcs, circles and lines.
Just explode a poly line if you want to use it as a border.

You can e-mail a sample file zipped to support@lemkesoft.de
I will make a short tutorial movie.