Customized Menus

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Customized Menus

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GraphicConverter is a mighty tool. The long menu lists indicate that. I suppose an expert user will find anything needed for specific tasks.
Personally, I leave most of these untouched. My knowledge about image manipulation is limited. I am using this application for organizing photos and simple tasks like cropping, renaming, simple color adjustments...). Batch conversion is very helpful too.

My suggestion: a section in the Preferences pane where the user can switch on/off menu items (except basic ones that have to be there). I've seen such a very useful option in the BBedit App. The benefit was a quicker access to the menu items I needed and therefore an improved workflow.
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An additional "Deluxe suggestion" would be the ability to store different Menu-Sets. Depending on the kind of task, the working environment could be adopted as needed.
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Re: Customized Menus

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Many thanks for your suggestion. That is not supported, yet.