How to edit or add new services

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How to edit or add new services

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When you right-click on JPGs and go to "Services" you can select for example to reduce the size to 75 or 85% with GC.
Where in GC can I modify the settings for a service or create a new one?

Also - one has to authorize apps derived from AppleScript or Automator via the systemconfigurations of OSX. Yet the services provided with GC do not require such an extra authorization. Is there a way to set this as part of the programming in Automator? (At least I suspect it's done by an Automator workflow converted in a Shortcut ... or directly programming a shortcut)
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Re: How to edit or add new services

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You can configure that items in the GraphicConverter preferences.

The services are directly provided from GraphicConverter (the Finder will launch GraphicConverter for execution). So, there is no authorization required.