edit item in Services menu

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edit item in Services menu

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In the Services menu, there are several GC functions. One that I use quite a bit is "GraphicConverter 10:Convert to jpeg (Quality 75%)" This always puts the file into the same folder as the original.

My problem with this is that I want have the Service create a new sub-folder and put the output of the Service into the sub-folder.

I have made a Batch file that does about what I want except that I cannot figure out how to make the Batch file into a Service.

How can I edit "GraphicConverter 10:Convert to jpeg (Quality 75%)" to have it create a sub-folder for the Service output?



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Re: edit item in Services menu

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Hi Myron,
the services entries are fixed.
But you can add some batches to the finder extension (if you use the normal GraphicConverter version - not Mac App Store).
Just configure in the GC prefs part Finder Extension.