Center Brightness Correction & Stitching Panoramas

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Center Brightness Correction & Stitching Panoramas

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I have a sequence of x7 images that I want to stitch together into a single panoramic image. I use DoubleTake for the stitching and it usually works well.

However, this sequence was taken just before dawn at F5.6 and because of the relatively large aperture, the image edges are darkened. The sky is also cloudless and featureless. If I simply stitch with DoubleTake, I end up with a series of vertical dark bands in the sky section of the image which can't be corrected in DoubleTake.

I think I need to use Center Brightness Correction to correct the brightness across each image?

Or maybe I should used the Vignetting operation ...?

The process is complicated because there is an additional slight brightness gradient across each image, so a different brightness adjustment curve seems to be required for each image ...?

Suggestions please on the best, easiest and most efficient way to do this?

I would actually like to run this as a batch because I have something like 15 such image sequences of a range of mountains, showing shadow/highlight/colour changes as the sun rises. It's not such an issue as the sun get higher in the sky because I'm using a smaller aperture but it's very noticeable in the pre-dawn sequences.

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