Make file list for US copyright registration

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Make file list for US copyright registration

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Starting 2019 March 15, the US copyright office has a new requirement for online copyright registration of photographs. In addition to the photographs themselves, a numbered list is also required containing the title and file name of each photograph. The list must be in Excel (.xls or .xlsx) or PDF format.

I really don't want to create such a list by hand for hundreds of images. It would be great to have Mac software to do this, either as part of Graphic Converter or as a stand-alone program. I just point it at a folder of images and it creates a PDF in the required format.

The title of the photograph can be the same as the photograph's file name.

All the rules are in:

Help file:

Excel template: ... plate.xlsx

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Re: Make file list for US copyright registration

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many thanks for your suggestion. That should be not too difficult for GraphicConverter. I add that to the todo list.