[Solved] Graphic Converter and apple photos.

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[Solved] Graphic Converter and apple photos.

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I would like to use graphic converter in the same way as photos from apple. That means mainly for archiving photos and to convert them afterwards into a specific quality. Actually apples photos does everything i need, except one thing:

using the archive of photos with others simultaneous on a server in a lokal network. (iCloud is not an option here!)

What I know is that graphic converter has no problem with that. Therefore I decided to switch to GC. But at daily business this process has to be very easy, fast and without any barriers. Because apple has done everything to make it easy sadly i still use apples photos. So I have to extract the pictures from time to time to the lokal server. But that is neither fish nor fowl and the archive on the lokal Server is not up-to-date at any time.

The very time saving features for me on apple photos are:

- after plug a camera, a mobile phone to the mac the software pops up automatically.
- It shows quickly all images on the camera.
- it compares the camera and its own folder so it knows which photos already exists (very very timesaving!)
- by pressing one button the new photos will be copied always to the same folder structure.
- When the photos are needed it is easy to covert a bunch of photos to another folder by choosing a quality (low/ medium/high)

Would be great to know if it is possible to set presets in GC so that the handling will be just as easy?
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Re: Graphic Converter and apple photos.

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I added now a special checkbox to the import options.
So, you can always select "Import all" and only the new ones will be imported.

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