Map and GPS geocoding wish list

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Map and GPS geocoding wish list

Post by PakkyT »

I know I have brought some of these up before. Since I am right now working with some new photos I want to bring up my wishlist of working with the Map and I am experiencing the things that drive me nuts and can type them in real time. I am working with Catalina 10.15.4 and GC 11.1.3 (4293).

1) If no photos are selected, the map search box is disabled. I would like to be able to search a location without picking a photo first because...

2) If you have a photo selected and you do a search, the selected photos are automatically geocoded to whatever the search results come up with. Since I often will search for something nearby, then move the map around to find the exact locations, I don't want the search result to immediately geocode my photos. If 1) above was possible then this wouldn't be a problem.

3) When I pick a map point and then click & hold a spot to geocode the photo(s), why does the map zoom way out?
EDIT: OK just figured out this one only does that if you have the "Follow Selection" checkbox on the bottom left of the window checked. So, can this can changed so follow selection can maintain the same zoom level unless needed to change for multiple selections? As an example if I am zoomed in and then pick a different single photo, can the map simply move to that location without changing zoom level?

I think that is is. I had another complain but found that one was also related to "Follow selection" being turned on.

Thank you for your consideration,