Organization options in GraphicConverter?

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Organization options in GraphicConverter?

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I've just returned to using GraphicConverter after a long absence (I'd used it 15-18 years ago to do batch conversations) and have found it's gained a lot of capabilities in the meantime. I'd been using Adobe Lightroom up until recently to manage my photos, but since moving to Mac OS Catalina my old version of Lightroom won't work any more and I'm not happy about Adobe's subscription model to keep using it. I'm curious what capabilities GraphicConverter has to organize photos and would like advice from those more familiar with the program.

Other programs (Lightroom, Photos, etc.) allow the creation of "albums" or "collections". So far, with GraphicConverter 11, the closest equivalent I've found is saving aliases of photos to folders. Are there other ways to create the equivalent of albums? Ideally I'd like something along the lines of Lightroom's smart albums, where you can set a number of criteria and the album will contain only those images matching all of those criteria. Is there advanced search capability or other features in GC I could use to accomplish something similar?

Thanks in advance for any replies.


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Re: Organization options in GraphicConverter?

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Hi Andre,

GraphicConverter uses Spotlight.
So, you can search in the browser for iptc etc. and store this search like an intelligent folder.