[Solved] Scripting options for CADintosh?

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[Solved] Scripting options for CADintosh?

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Wondered if there are any approaches to this. There are some things I would like to script that are operations in the graphic interface. Specifically I'd like to script the zoom all operation and map the script to a keyboard shortcut.
I don't see an Applescript dictionary for CADintosh when using the Applescript editor.
If there were a menu command for zoom all, I realize I could generate a keyboard shortcut using options under Mac OS.
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Re: Scripting options for CADintosh?

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We have currently no AppleScript support for CADintosh. That would be very complex and there is no really demand for this.

But you find the Zoom all command in the menu:
Screenshot 2023-08-06 at 09.26.06.jpg
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