[Added] resizing tools?

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[Added] resizing tools?

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A while ago I used a graphics program other than GC and noticed that that program had a neat way of resizing tools (like the Stamp tool) using either a trackball scroll wheel, or using (I think) the up and down arrow keys. I didn't have to go back to the tools pallet, I just pressed the arrow key while hovering over the image with the tool selected. In my suggestion, if I was using the Stamp tool to clean up random noise I could start out with the radius at 70 (pixels?), clean up a big area, and then down-size the Stamp radius by hitting the down arrow a few times. It might reduce the radius by 5 or 10 px with each press.

Something similar could be done with the tolerance for the Fill tool and size of the Smudge tool.

It may not seem like a big deal, but it did speed up my work on an old greyscale image.

= Barry
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Re: resizing tools?

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Please recheck with the latest BETA 4551: