Minor problems

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Minor problems

Post by chrillek »

Hi, some things I noticed with GC 11.3.2, in no particular order
  • If I delete a photo in the browser from a networked folder (AFP), I get a warning that this is not reversible. Before I can react in any way to this warning, the browser's selection moves to the next photo (also showing it in the right sidebar. This is irritating – I think the selection should only be set to the next photo after the dialog has been confirmed (and stay on the original if it's not confirmed).
  • the site for the beta versions is not HTTPS-enabled (or at least it doesn't redirect to HTTPS)
  • if the map is visible in the browser's right sidebar and one changes several photos (like modifying metadata), the map is updated for every single photo. That's irritating and probably time-consuming. I believe that it's also not necessary if the GPS coordinates are not modified. Even then, it might be better to update the map only after all files have been changed (again, I'm working with a networked folder).
  • Working with a saved search in the browser, it seems to me that the browser switches out of the saved search after a file has been modified there.
  • It's not possible to select several saved search folders and move them to the trash at once (the contextual menu entry is grayed out).
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Re: Minor problems

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I can't reproduce this here. Please send your preferences (exported from GraphicConverter/Backup Preferences/Export…) to support@lemkesoft.de

The certificate is now fixed.

I can't avoid this. Because I get a refresh notification after the change of a file asynchron.

The search keeps the focus here. Do you change metadata which affects the search?

trashing of searches:
That is not possible, yet. Just select in the help menu: Show Folder in Finder/Support
So, you can trash all directly in the Finder.