pasting large images

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pasting large images

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Hi, I'm having an issue with GraphicConverter 11.4 and GraphicConverter 11.4.1 (Build 4846). I'm trying to paste an image that is 10294 pixels  ×  10995 pixels into a new image (that is 24958 pixels x 11717 pixels). When I paste anything into the new image, I can't move it to the correct position. Then, if I try pasting another image (that is 11035  pixels ×  9753 pixels), it just pastes that image on top of the image I can't move.

Part of my problem is that the original image I was trying to fix came from Adobe Spark. The PDF files they create aren't able to be edited as needed. I contacted Adobe regarding the bugs in the PDF export, but never heard back from them. Is there a way to fix it? This might be due to the size of the pasted image... As a TIFF, the pasted file size was over 600 MB. Thanks
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Re: pasting large images

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Can I get the image file for testing?