[Closed] auto enhancement improvement?

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[Closed] auto enhancement improvement?

Post by patdiddy »

One suggestion I have for a future update is to improve the Auto Enhancement feature. I'm noticing that about 50% of the time, red eye correction is inaccurately choosing parts of the eye, and putting a black spot on the photo.

What would be nice is if you could actually remove these mistakes later on. I have a bunch of pictures with black eyeballs that I can't get reversed anymore, and I have no backup of the photo either.

Also, if there were a key command for the auto enhance w/out red eye (or a button), that would be great. I constantly have to use that function, and it bugs the heck out of me. Thanks
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Re: auto enhancement improvement?

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The Auto Enhancement features uses Apple Core Image functions. So, I can't change that behavior.

You can simple assign a custom shortcut with the menu item GraphicConverter 11/Edit Shortcuts.