Scanner Integration & Vuescan

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Scanner Integration & Vuescan

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How to use Vuescan with Graphic Converter. {what I discovered}

Having been a Vuescan user for quite some time, with its ability to work with almost any scanning device & its detailed options and controls, I had been looking for a way to integrate it with pix editing software while capturing images from old photos, negs etc.

I had tried using the Image Capture option directly from GC11, but was unsatisfied with the limited scanning options & controls available in the Image Capture (OSX) interface. So next was TWAIN, which opens Vuescan directly, but Vuescan wouldn't release after the scan so GC could continue - the only setting that would work {occasionally there was some freezing/crashing occurring too} was to tell Vuescan in its prefs to quit after a scan. This was not productive time-wise having to close and reopen Vuescan every time, and crashes would mess up the vuescan.ini file too. Not really workable.

But... having been using Preview as an external viewer while using Vuescan I had a thought - why not try GC11 as the viewer? Well it worked better than I expected - Once you saved the scan file from Vuescan, CG11 grabbed it, opened it ready for editing. While not greatly different from saving the file in Vuescan, finding it, opening it with GC11 separately, it did save time, filename already chosen. So in a way one is integrating GC11 with Vuescan, rather than the normally assumed way of integrating the scanner with the Image editing software - but, nevertheless it works. B&W files needed to be processed once to get the full range of filters become available - {probably conversion to 24bit from the 8 bit grey for some filters} but it all seemed to be there to use.

Try it.