Face Database and opening selected images

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Face Database and opening selected images

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HI - I can't seem to find any information as to how to do this (it may not be possible?)

I want to open the face database, double click on any of the selected faces tagged with that name, and have the browser select the images with that faceID. Its the sort of thing you can do with the synology Photostation/moments app, independently of whatever the photo or the scan is named as. Its a way of sorting and checking any errors and misidentified photos or scans with that face, so it has to be independent of the generic browser search function which will look for the name associated with that face everywhere.
(I'm currently doing some work with old photos for ancestry, so theres lots of possibilities, both correct and incorrect, so being able to drive selection from the faces database directly would be of great assistance.)

The other useful thing would-be to be able to list the People and or Keywords summary in the Browser list along with the basic info - I can get the exif/iptc date to display, but nothing else from the metadata - yes it will show when you look at the info for a single image, but it would be so much better when scrolling though 50 or more photos in the browser list of a folder to see that information listed - another was to find unidentified images or wrong people and keyword names

thanks - I hope you can help
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Re: Face Database and opening selected images

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that is currently not supported. Because I use no own database.

But if you set the face tagging with the checkbox into the keywords, too.
Just enter the name into the search field and GraphicConverter will display all faces with that name.