Multiple windows nearby in minimal chrome mode

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Multiple windows nearby in minimal chrome mode

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1) Overall idea / goal

I have in mind a presentation mode in which you can show multiple Editor Windows nearby on a single screen with the windows having little to no chrome at all. No window footer at all, window header only on hover, and the total expert mode being no window chrome at all (window header disabled entirely, but still grab-able for move operations).

This would allow one to make ad hoc screen compositions with nearby positioned windows, each having their own zoom factor, or zoom being uniform (due to preferences), everything is possible. Certain windows could represent scrollable content, while other dynamically change by using the the "Prev/Next Image in Folder" commands when having the window focused.

To make this possible the following adaptations would be necessary:

2) GC > Menu > View

would get one section for toggling the various layout elements of the window quickly (a mix of existing and new toggles):

Code: Select all

- √ Show Header              `  ⌃ H`
- √ Show Toolbar (in Header) `⌥ ⌘ T`
- √ Show Selection Frame     `  ⌃ S`
- √ Show Ruler               `  ⌃ R`
- √ Use Color Profile        `  ⌃ P`
- √ Show Footer              `  ⌃ F`
and the corresponding ad-hoc options would be in a corresponding section later:

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- Header Style                     >
  - √ Normal
  -   Transparent (always on)
  -   Transparent (on hover)
- Toolbar Style                    >
  - √ Automatic
  -   Expanded
  -   Unified
  -   Unified Compact
  -   Customize Toolbar…
- Footer Style                     >
  - √ Normal
  -   Transparent (always on)
  -   Transparent (on hover)
- Extras (in Footer)               >
  - √ None
  -   Size & Resolution
  -   Basic Exif

3) What can be set ad-hoc via menu and shortcuts can also be set as a preference for newly opened windows.

GC > Preferences > General > Display Windows > Main Window

The section "Show" gets renamed and restructured like this:

Code: Select all


      Window Header:  [ Normal                ▾ ]
                       ☑️ Show header

Toolbar (in header):  [ Automatic              ▾]
                       ☑️ Show toolbar

       Content Area:   🔲 Rulers 🔲 Units ☑️ Use Color Profile

  Window Footer Bar:  [ No additional data in footer ▾ ]
                       ☑️ Show footer

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